Lisa Marie Simmons Band Presenting NoteSpeak (NY / IT)


Lisa Marie Simmons Lead Vocal, Lyrics, Composer;

Marco Cremaschini Keyboards, Arrangements, Composer;

Laura Masotto - Violin;

Marco Cocconi - Electric Bass;

Manuel Caliumi- Alto Sax

Federico Negri – Drums

"Musically and vocally, NoteSpeak consistently changes, shifting from style to style – acoustic jazz solos into hip-hop beats into harmonized gospel vocals into electronic jazz and fusion into free verse rhyming – and yet seems to constantly groove. Simmons' delivery swims in the deep waters connecting Nina Simone to Jill Scott, completely obliterating the line between vocalist and poetess: Warning like a mother lioness, whippersnapping through urban haunts, and curiously wondering about it all."

Chris M. Slawecki “All About Jazz”


01. 11. 201921:30



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