Most of the drummers adopt the style and get used to it – but that’s not the case of Gene Jackson. His every performance is unique, he is simply adjusting the tempo and genre of his colleagues. As he said: I follow where the music takes me as opposed to dictating where the music goes."…I follow where the music takes me as opposed to dictating where the music goes.“

Gene, born in 1961, was among others best musicians of his generation from the very start. Even at Berklee College of Music in Boston, his roommate and later co-worker was Branford Marsalis, Marvin Smith or Billy Kilson. He had moved to New Yorl later and during next ten years he was getting his reputation among the best player from the West Coast of the USA. Hugh Masekeal, Greg Osby, Terence Blanchard, Andrew Hill and dozens of others were pleased to meet Jackson’s enthusiasm and professionality. No concert was a routine for him, he has been stylish, inovative and simply perfect from the beginning.

In 1991, Gene has met a bassist Dave Hollander, and they have collaborated for the next ten years in one of the greatests jazz trios of their time: The Herbie Hancock Trio. They yearned for new styles and perfect interpretation, and it was this desire that connected Hancock, Holland and Jackson and made their shows unforgettable. From the 1996 the trio has changed to the quartet with Craig Handy, the tenor-saxophonist. To the year 2000, the quartet had played all over the world, from Europe to Asia. In that time, Gene was also a member of The Mingus Band or Robin Eubanks Mental Images Group.

A lattest success of his phenomenal carrier was the tour around the Germany and West Europe. He has travelled through the Italy with Antonio Farae, and also Switzerland and France with The Mingus Band. His most fruitful CDs were recorder in Cologne with Stafford James and Alex Sipiagen.

The Czech Republic has appealed to Mr. Jackson a lot – he already played with Ondřej Štveráček last year, and this year will be very special for every fan of a good music. Reduta Jazz Club, one of the greatest European jazz clubs, is just the right place for such launch, and it will be the top of the Jackson’s tour in the Czech Republic.



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