Alexandre Santos / Leonarde Barbosa /Brasil, Lisboa/

Uniquely worldwide - Alexandre Santos and his partner present the music of North Brazil paired with a brilliant shot of reggae, African mood and satin grooves that has never before been heard in Europe. Alexandre Santos plays virtuoso and inimitable acoustic bass and acoustic guitar on one instrument and sings in such an impressive voice that he is considered in the real world city of Fado, in Lisbon, as the leading personality and musical driving force of the 'Barrio Alto'. There is no one in the bars and restaurants of Lisbon's old town, who does not have an astonishing respect for this musician and, on the basis of his ingenuity, also shakes his head somberly. Perhaps this evening, you will be talking about the Reduta jazz club hall, which Alexandre says about his second home, Lisbon: "This is the place, where I come to relax, have fun, find inspiration, energy and ideas". Let yourself be seduced by the music of the two Brazilian exceptional artists - music that seems to be sounding with the imaginary sound of an entire orchestra. You'll soon find out that it's the greatest thing for Alexandre Santos (vocals, guitar, bass) and Leonardo Barbosa (drums, percussion) when their audience has fun and real joy.



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